Saturday, October 31, 2015

4 Books That Will Make You A Genius

Many books are written and released each year. Most of them are bad, some of them are good, a few are great, and the top .001% are exceptional. 
It’s rare that an author is a great writer AND has deep domain expertise. This is a list of books by authors who are both.
Who’s this book list for? The creative/visionary/big picture thinker who wants to awaken their inner genius.  

4 Books That Will Make You A Genius



This is my favorite book I read in 2015. Certain parts i’ve read 10 times, others 20, a few 30. Each time I open its pages or listen to the audio version, I find myself in a dreamlike state - imprinting the lessons deeper into my subconscious.
If you have decided to find your own path, independent of social conditioning, this book is for you. It reads like a collection of 1,000 masters who dominated in their industries and were peak performers. It provides a framework for how they were able to awaken their creative genius and change the course of history.
There’s something in Mastery for everyone.


What’s going to happen over the next 10 years? What about the next 30?
As technology changes the way we live at an exponential rate, you can either keep up or get left behind. If you plan on being a leader, this book is a must. It will get you thinking about the future and how the actions you take today can set you apart down the road.



Our society loves to dramatize and turn people into heroes. We love the idea of the lonely genius who has a “eureka” moment and discovers the secret to life.
It never works this way.
Steven Johnson crushes this myth and presents a different case about where good ideas come from. He breaks down our misconceptions and provides us with details about how innovation really happens.
Essentially it works like this… Good ideas come from a collaboration of historical events or as he calls it “the adjacent possible”- which is a kind of shadow future, hovering on the edges of the present state of things. It's a map of all the ways in which the present can reinvent itself.
He provides the framework to unleash your inner genius. Your job is to allow it to happen through you.


Nassim Taleb radiates the “don’t fuck with me” vibe in his writing. He’s a scary man.
In his most recent release, he’s invented a new word “Antifragile” and describes it like this:
Fragile” means if you drop me, I break. Like a wine glass falling off the table.
Robust” means you can beat me until I deform and become unusable. Like a baseball bat repeatedly hitting a hardened concrete wall. The wood from the bat eventually breaks.
Antifragile” means that the harder you try to break me, the stronger I get. Like the story of the Hydra and her 9 heads. Each one you cut off, two more grow in it’s place.
Taleb takes the idea of Antifragility and applies it to people, systems, processes, health, economics and personal struggles. The big takeaway is this… embrace chaos, uncertainty and struggle. These are the situations where you grow the most.
You can’t become a genius without struggle.



Brian Tracy says that we should invest 3% of our income into ongoing education and personal development. That’s about $25-50 per week for the average earner in the United States. If you are looking to fulfill your weekly personal development quota, look no further than these 4 books (links below).
I didn’t post this to look smart or feed my ego. I made this list because each book made me smarter and can help you too.
Invest in yourself and awaken your creative genius. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Honey and Cinnamon – The Magical Mixture for Health

It has been proved that the cinnamon as well as honey are important natural elements, used in treating several syndromes. Both of the items are produced naturally and found everywhere in the world.
There are no side effects of taking honey for curing different sort of issues. This can also be eaten by a diabetic patient as it has no negative impact on their health.
Here are magical mixture of cinnamon and honey that gives amazing health benefits to the people. The specific advantages are as below:-
Cinnamon and Honey Health Benefits

Cinnamon and Honey Health Benefits

1. Controlling HEART DISEASES

If you want to control numerous types of heart diseases like BP, blockage etc. then you should take a mixture of honey as well as cinnamon.   Create a sticky stuff by combing honey and cinnamon in the powdered form. This paste should be used as a jam and should be taken on regular basis in brunch. It lessens the fat and could possibly protect an individual from heart issues. This mixture can be eaten by both heart patients and normal persons. The heart beat is kept normal and the blockage in arteries and veins are eliminated.


People suffering from Arthritis could get advantage by drinking the mixture of water, cinnamon and honey on daily basis. By doing so, the chances of chronic arthritis are reduced. The doctors are also focusing on this mixture for curing patients in the hospital. The mixture should be taken when your stomach is empty, probably before having breakfast. The pain vanishes and the person get instant relief by using this mixture.


If you are suffering from bladder infection or inflammation then make a mixture of honey plus water and drink it tow times a day. This will kill the germs present in the bladder causing infections.

4. Reducing the CHOLESTEROL

If you have cholesterol problem then take Two teaspoons of honey as well as a cup of tea and 3 tablespoon of Cinnamon Powder and then drink it on regular basis. This can reduce the cholesterol level in the body. This is the most easy and simple method of reducing the weight.

5. Curing the COLDS

The individuals who are victim of colds and flu should drink the mixture made up of honey, cinnamon powder as well as black pepper and warm water. Ginger juice should also be added in it. The flu and cold will run away in a day.

6. Treating the UPSET STOMACH

When an individual eats Honey by combining it with cinnamon powder then the stomach issues are cured including stomach infections or ulcers etc.


Day-to-day taking the honey as well as cinnamon powder make stronger the immune system of an individual and guards him/her from various types of infectious and disease-causing germs. Due to the presence of iron as well as vitamins in the honey, the person can easily resist against the disease-causing viruses.

8. Getting rid of Pimples

The pimples can be treated with the help of honey as well as cinnamon powder. You can make a paste of cinnamon powder as well as honey and then apply it onto the face overnight. This can make the uneven skin tone clear and acne plus pimple free face.

9. Best Remedy for WEIGHT LOSS

An individual who want to lose the weight should every day take half hour cup of water, mixed with cinnamon powder as well as honey. The mixture should be taken in boiled form and then cooled down. Consuming this blend frequently does not let the calories as well as fatty acids to gather in the body.
Fatigue as well as bad breath can also be treated with the help of honey, cinnamon powder and water.
Natural Cures with Cinnamon and Honey

Saturday, October 24, 2015

20 Useful Things You Can Accomplish In 15 Minutes

Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.
Life is made up of nothing more than a series of moments. If you can find some way to pull 15 extra minutes out of a hat, you’d better at least use them wisely. Where will you find these moments, and when you find them, how will you use them?
Just 15 extra minutes a day will convert into a powerful 91 hours a year. That’s a massive chunk of time that you can use to acquire new skills and get things done. The benefit is seen when we create a daily habit and commit those 15 minutes to something worthwhile. You can wake up 15 minutes earlier, steal 15 minutes from lunch, after work, or right before bed — the choice is yours.
Once you’ve figured out which sleeve those 15 minutes are hiding under, you’re ready to pick your target. You can mix-and-match from the list below, or choose a specific item to focus on over weeks, months, or even a year. The key is your commitment to cultivate a habit, from which your life will improve.

20 Useful Things You Can Accomplish In 15 Minutes

1. Stretch. If you stretch for 15 minutes every day you will become very flexible. It will be easier for you to move around, exercise, and it will facilitate the flow of blood throughout your body. This extra flow will improve your overall health and improve your mental focus.
2. Read. Pick a time when you can read, without interruptions, for a solid 15 minutes each day. You’ll find that you’re able to get through certain books in a week or two, and you’re increasing your knowledge and mental capacity with minimal effort. You may discover a new passion, or master a subject over the course of a year through this small time commitment.
3. Run. Do a series of short sprints with intervals between running and resting. This is the best way to build up speed and increase your body’s capacity to utilize oxygen. At the same time you will be powering up your body with higher energy levels throughout the rest of your day.
4. Calisthenics. This form of exercising involves sit-ups, push-ups, trunk twists, squats, chin-ups, etc., which basically means using your own body weight as resistance. It’s very effective to build muscle tone and get your exercise on, and it hardly requires any equipment (other than perhaps a chin-up bar).
5. Sleep. I just told you to find 15 minutes, and now I’m recommending that you sleep them away? This one is more useful during the middle of the day. If you have a set schedule, and you can conveniently fit a 15 minute nap, you can catch a second wind that will leave you feeling energized for the second half of your day.
6. Cook. This might not be enough time to make an extensive meal, but it is sufficient enough to put something together. Make yourself a sandwich, or get some leftovers together, so that you don’t have to eat out for lunch. You’ll save a lot of money using this method.
7. Write. Depending on your writing skill, you may be able to take a nice chunk out of writing a 50,000 word novel (it’s less than you think), over the span of a couple of years, if you use your 15 minutes a day wisely. If it takes you longer, so be it, but eventually you will have the finished product in your hand. This won’t happen unless you sit down and write.
8. Talk (aka Listen). You can use your newly found time to build solid relationships with several people, or an even closer one with one special person. You can both look forward to these 15 minutes, whether in person or over the phone, and share your goals, dreams, and accomplishments with each other. If 15 minutes is too little time for you to talk then just listen to them for 15 minutes and they’ll love you for it.
9. Draw. While 15 minutes a day, over the course of a year, may not be enough time to build a professional collection, it’s still mighty useful. You can use these 15 minutes to create several nice drawings, but more importantly it will sharpen your skill and give you a creative outlet.
10. Blog. I’ll admit that it takes me longer than 15 minutes to write a blog post, but you can take the short and sweet approach yourself. In 15 minutes you can craft and publish some witty commentary or useful information about a breaking topic that your readers would truly appreciate.
11. Journal. One of the best gifts you can give yourself is the ability to reflect upon your life. You can do this by keeping a journal of the biggest highlights within your life. Taking just 15 minutes a day to write down how you feel, what you learned, and what you want out of life will help you track where you’ve been and where you want to go.
12. Visit nature. Bask in the beauty and serenity that nature has selflessly provided us with. Go to a forest, park, or simply sit under a tree, and do nothing, read a book, or chat with a friend. While out walking I saw a kid sitting under a tree with his laptop; while not the most effective use of nature, it still beats doing the required homework inside the house on a beautiful day.
13. Meditate. The research is in, and there’s no doubt that stress is a killer. I’ve learned extensively in my Masters program about the physiological damage that stress causes within us. Meditation is one of the very best ways to relieve stress, and it has many other benefits as well. Do yourself a favor and try this on.
14. Organize. In 15 minute bursts there is a lot you can do to organize your life. You can clean a table top, the desktop on your computer, your bookshelf, organize your clothes, vacuum your house, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Just know that your 15 minutes are dedicated to some form of cleaning, and you’ll notice that your environment and eventually your mind will be that much more clutter free.
15. Plan. Spend 15 minutes planning out your day, or week. By spending time planning every single day you’ll end up saving hours by remembering the right supplies, making special arrangements, and cutting out unnecessary steps. Planning makes a difference.
16. Network. Whether it’s for your job, or some kind of recreational endeavor, you can use your 15 minutes to network and make friends. You can do this by using twitter, or creating a template e-mail and searching out new people to contact with it. Even if you contact 5 people a day, that’s 1825 potential contacts over the year. That’s just the point, it adds up.
17. Research. With Google at your fingertips you can find out some very useful information about your health, hobby, career, or some way to improve your life. You can even buy access into scientific journals and do some significant medical research in your spare time.
18. Play catch. You won’t find too many activities easier than tossing the ball around between two people. It’s great exercise, it’s relaxing yet invigorating, and a great opportunity to talk and bond.
19. Eat slowly. Do not treat eating as one of life’s little inconveniences. Instead, eat slowly and enjoy each bite as if it were your last, and if it were, know that you got the most out of it by using an extra 15 minutes to extract pleasure from each morsel of food.
20. Self-improvement. Take 15 minutes a day to read some articles by your favorite writers who compress massive amounts of information into practical, easy to read, and very informative articles.

This article is contributed by Alex Shalman, a freelance writer with degrees in Psychology (BA) and Biomedical Science (MS). Alex writes passionately and extensively about Personal Development at while making his way through further studies. Goal #1 is to operate with the greatest good of all in mind and bring value into your life.
Images by Apesara and Bob Jagendorf.