Monday, October 31, 2011

Afghanistan truck bomb kills 5, including 3 UN staff, in attack near Kandahar UN office

By Associated Press, Published: October 31 | Updated: Tuesday, November 1, 4:09 AM
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Insurgents driving a suicide truck bomb and attacking on foot killed five people, including three United Nations employees, near the offices of the U.N.’s refugee agency in the southern city of Kandahar on Monday, officials said. Afghan forces and the militants exchanged fire for nearly seven hours before the militants were killed.

One insurgent slammed an explosives-rigged pickup truck into a checkpoint near the UNHCR’s offices at about 6:10 a.m., and immediately afterward, three insurgents rushed into area, which houses several international aid organizations, the Interior Ministry said.
The insurgents seized control of at least one building, and the ensuing gunbattle with Afghan and NATO forces lasted until 1 p.m., the ministry said.

The UNCHR said three of its staff were killed and two wounded in the combined assault and bombing. It did not say whether they were Afghans or foreigners.

“This is a tragedy for UNHCR and for the families of the dead and wounded,” U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said in a statement. “It also underscores the great risks for humanitarian workers in Afghanistan.”

In New York, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon gave a slightly different version of the events.

“A car bomb was exploded at the gate of a local NGO that shares a common wall with the UNHCR compound,” he said in statement. “When the wall collapsed, suicide attackers entered the U.N. premises.”

Ban said: “Three U.N. security guards were killed and two others were wounded. Two security contractors were killed as well.”

The U.N. Security Council condemned the terrorist attack “in the strongest terms” and called on the Afghan government to bring the perpetrators to justice and to take “all necessary steps” to protect U.N. personnel and installations.

In recent days, the UNHCR said the number of refugees returning from Pakistan had dropped sharply because of the deteriorating security situation and lack of opportunities in Afghanistan.

The assault was the second major attack in three days to target foreigner workers or NATO troops in the country, spotlighting the insurgents’ ability to continue to carry out major attacks, despite a 10-year NATO campaign against them. The U.S.-led coalition is gradually handing over security responsibilities to its Afghan counterparts and plans to withdraw its combat forces by the end of 2014.

“Despite the insurgency’s failures this past year, it remains capable and, enabled by safe havens in Pakistan, continues to contest (Afghan and NATO) progress in some parts of the country,” German Brig. Gen. Carsten Jacobson, a coalition spokesman in Afghanistan, told reporters in Kabul.

Jacobson also said the coalition and its Afghan partners had made significant gains against the Taliban and that incidents like the bombing in Kandahar were not indicative of the insurgents gaining strength.

“It is not to gain a military victory. It is to gain media” attention, he said.

The blast caused extensive damage to the U.N. agency’s building. Associated Press video showed large chunks of the building’s outer walls and its windows blown out, and the interior was in shambles. The street around the building was strewn with rubble.

The Taliban, for whom Kandahar is a traditional stronghold, claimed responsibility for the attack. Spokesman Qari Yousef said the insurgents were targeting what he claimed was a guest house affiliated with the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

The UNAMA does not operate a guest house in the area. The U.N. mission’s mandate is to help the Afghan government with security, governance and economic development.

Following the bombing, five people — four security guards and the district police chief — were killed during the gunbattle with the insurgents, the Interior Ministry said. Six people, including a policeman, were wounded.

The ministry strongly condemned what it described as “an inhuman and un-Islamic terrorist attack against the Afghans.”

UNAMA spokesman Dan McNortan said all of the agency’s staff, both Afghan and foreign, was accounted for.

The attack comes two days after the Taliban launched a brazen midday suicide bombing in Kabul, striking a NATO convoy on Saturday and killing 17 people, including five NATO service members, one Canadian soldier and eight civilian contractors.

Associated Press writers Tarek El-Tablawy, Deb Riechmann and Amir Shah contributed.

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After terror jibe, US seeks ISI help for peace talks
Eric Schmitt and David E Sanger, 
PTI | Nov 1, 2011, 06.20AM IST
WASHINGTON : Just a month after accusing Pakistan's spy agency of secretly supporting the Haqqani terrorist network, which has mounted attacks on Americans, the Obama administration is now relying on the same intelligence service to help organize and kick-start reconciliation talks aimed at ending war in Afghanistan.

The revamped approach, which secretary of stateHillary Rodham Clinton called "Fight, Talk, Build" during a high-level United Statesdelegation's visit to Kabul and Islamabad this month, combines continued American air and ground strikes against the Haqqani network and the Taliban with an insistence that Pakistan's ISI agency get them to the negotiating table.

But some elements of the ISI see little advantage in forcing those negotiations, because they see the insurgents as perhaps their best bet for maintaining influence in Afghanistan as the US reduces its presence there. The strategy is emerging amid an increase in the pace of attacks against Americans in Kabul, including a suicide attack on Saturday that killed as many as 10 Americans and in which Haqqanis are suspected. NYT NEWS SERVICE

Pakistan minister escapes bid on life
Aprovincial minister from the ruling Pakistan People's Party escaped unhurt when Taliban fighters ambushed his vehicle in the country's restive northwest on Monday. Amjad Khan Afridi, the housing minister in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, was travelling in his bulletproof car when militants fired at it in Kohat district.


Lady Gaga in New Delhi

Lady Gaga leaves Desi monsters wonderstruck
Indo-Asian News Service,
Monday, October 31, 2011, (New Delhi)
" Mother Monster" Lady Gaga didn't fail to charm her desi monsters.

The pop icon, who was here for a four-day trip, left her fans mesmerised with her piano skills, her fusion performance, her confidence and her warm "Namaste India".
All of 25, the Poker Face superstar landed here Thursday night and addressed a press conference and met some of her fans Friday afternoon.

She shot for a chat show with Indian cinestar Shah Rukh Khan and rehearsed long and hard for what was her maiden stage show in India Sunday night.

The singer is lovingly called 'Mother Monster' and she refers to her fans as 'monsters'.

The singer had planned a special treat, and fans were treated to just that--Gaga played the piano herself, and even sang to the strains of a sitar to offer her desi monsters some Indian element.

Known for her bizarre sense of dressing, she chose to go mellow with a creation by designer Tarun Tahiliani for her performance here. She wore a white, knee-length dress and flaunted her open, blonde locks.

She ended her performance with a warm and cheerful "Namaste India".

Around 1,000 guests, including high-profile celebrities from the film, fashion, F1, sports and business worlds, gathered to witness Gaga perform live at the F1 finale after-party here. And so what if ticket were priced at a whopping Rs.40,000!

The line-up of guests at the Arjun Rampal-hosted party at the Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort in Greater Noida, saw Shah Rukh Khan, Bipasha Basu, Deepika Padukone, Preity Zinta, Imran Khan, Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Riya Sen, Raima Sen, Rahul Bose, Sanjay Kapoor, Gauhar Khan, Nigaar Z. Khan, Susanne Roshan, Gauri Khan, Mehr Jessia Rampal, Jackky Bhagnani, Jas Arora and Rannvijay Singh, among others.

F1 racers Felipe Massa, Kamui Kobayashi, Vitantonio Liuzzi and Daniel Ricciardo attended the party as well, apart from a few designers like Manoviraj Khosla, Manish Arora, Tarun Tahiliani, Rohit Gandhi-Rahul Khanna, Kavita Bhartiya, and cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Ashish Nehra.

She bonded well, and met some guests personally too.

But she went a step ahead to do something special for Shah Rukh, who wanted to work with her on a song for his film RA.One. Gaga gave away her personal shades to Shah Rukh for his 11-year-old daughter Suhana.

Of his experience of chatting with Gaga, Shah Rukh told reporters: "It (the interaction) was very nice. She (Gaga) was very sweet. I sat with her for a couple of hours and exchanged a lot of good things about life. She is very deep, very sweet."

The singer has taken home a unique dress by designer Nida Mahmood. The outfit, a short dress, is made with 1,000 LED lights.

Describing it, Mahmood told IANS: "The dress which I made for her was part of my WIFW SS-12 collection titled The Great Indian Bohemian Tamasha. The dress is little above the knees and is embellished with over 1,000 LED lights.

"The digital print has been carefully designed incorporating the essence of Indian street theatre. The colours are very Indian - a mix of orange, red, green and blue. I call it 'Jadugaar dress for magical Gaga.'"

Breastfeeding in public, naked female fans...

Breastfeeding in public, strip, naked female fans
Author: humorbblog

Manchester United and Barcelona’s Champions League final so that we once again enjoy the charm of football, so also let womendumping men mad, the following set of pictures fully demonstratedwhen a woman fall in love with football, is a how sexy and crazythings …


Protein on the go!

proteinHealthy snacks that are high in protein and easy to eat on the go.
Oct. 19, 2011 | By: The Health Local Staff
Protein is a naturally occurring nutrient critical to our bodies. It forms our nails and hair and is responsible for the healing and restoration of muscles and tissue. This nutrient serves as a building block of many elements inside of the body and is crucial to health deep within. Beyond the hidden benefits though, protein is beneficial because it keeps you energized, decreases the amount of fat stored, and keeps you feeling full longer which, overtime, can help with losing weight and toning your muscles.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Protein?
Knowing the benefits of protein, you may be tempted to run out and start an all protein diet, however, caution must be used. Your body needs some protein, but too much can cause problems as well. With an extreme amount of protein in your system, your liver might overwork and stress can be placed on the adrenal system and kidneys. To achieve maximum benefit, protein must be balanced with healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Although experts disagree on the range of protein necessary each day, the average individual should aim for somewhere between 25 and 30 grams daily.

Not All Proteins Are Equal

Now that you have decided to add extra protein to your diet, you may wonder the best way to do that. Although a debate continues over which is better, plant-based protein or animal-based protein, you really cannot go wrong with either one. Where you should be careful is with highly processed proteins such as deli meats, sausage, and hot dogs. A small amount of these is fine, but filling your diet with these proteins also fills it with high fat and other processed ingredients. Your best choices come from fish, chicken, lean meats, low-fat dairy, nuts, beans, and eggs.

Protein Powders and Bars

A quick and easy way to add protein to your diet is the use of whey protein powder or eating ready-made protein bars. While using these can be easy and beneficial, moderation is the key. When picking a protein powder, you want to make sure the primary ingredient is protein. Amazingly enough, if it is not listed as one of the first two ingredients, you may be surprised to find that protein is not a main ingredient.  Additionally, protein bars may seem like such a convenience item but if you look at the ingredients for those you may be surprised as well. Several of these bars could easily be substituted with a snack of high fructose corn syrup, which obviously makes you lose any benefit you could potentially get from the protein.

Protein on the Go

When considering adding protein to your diet, let’s face it, convenience is the way to go. With schedules so hectic today, you want great tasting foods you can grab on the go or make with ease.

One of the easiest ways to start is to keep basic high protein snacks ready. Some examples of these are:
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Low fat cheese sticks (mozzarella, muenster, or cottage cheese)
  • Tree based nuts such as almonds or walnuts
  • Tuna fish
  • Peanut butter (or almond butter for those with peanut allergies)
  • Chicken breast
  • Skim Milk or Yogurt with additional protein added (Greek yogurt is a great option)
In addition to these simple basic snacks, you should also know a couple of easy, high protein snacks that you can make and grab.

Homemade Protein Bars

  • Combine two cups dry oatmeal, four scoops whey protein powder, half a cup of peanut or almond butter, and one third cup of skim milk together and press into a 9x9 pan, freezing for forty minutes before slicing and serving.
Oatmeal Raisin Protein Muffins
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees and prepare muffin pan. In one bowl, combine one half cup dry oatmeal, one half cup egg whites, one quarter cup raisins, two tablespoons of brown sugar, one half teaspoon both vanilla extract and baking powder, and a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg. Fill each tin two-thirds of the way full and bake for twelve to fifteen minutes.
Protein is an excellent source of nutrition for your body and one you should work to actively increase in your diet. Knowing the best sources of protein, and even a few fun recipes, can help you do just that. Now, go enjoy some muffins!
The staff.
Top Ten Charming Bollywood Actresses EverWritten by on 19 October, 2011 - 02:37 PM 
There are many pretty and charming faces in bollywood. Here we are with a list of ten most beautiful faces of bollywood actresses ever.

At Number 10

Madhubala (14 February 1933 – 23 February 1969)
Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehlavi, known by her stage name Madhubala.

At Number 9

Hema Malini (16 October 1948)

She is the dream girl of bollywood.

At Number 8

Parveen Babi (4 April 1949 – 20 January 2005)

She performed in so many block buster’s like Deewar, Namak Halaal, Amar Akbar Anthony and Shaan.

At Number 7

Divya Bharti (25 February 1974 – 5 April 1993)

She appeared in more than 14 Hindi films between 1992 and 1993. Her career was cut short by her death on 5 April 1993, when she fell from her apartment building.

At Number 6

Rekha (10 October 1954)

Rekha has acted in over 180 films in a career that has spanned over 40 years.

At Number 5

Kareena Kapoor (21 September 1980)

One of the most successful actresses of bollywood in current period.

At Number 4

Aishwarya Rai Bachan (1 November 1973)
Often cited by the media as the “most beautiful woman in the world”, She won so many awards for her amazing performance in many hit movies.

At Number 3
Madhuri Dixit (15 May 1967)

An amazing actress and one of the best dancers in bollywood.

At Number 2

Sridevi (13 August 1963)

She has won four Filmfare Awards, two for Hindi films, and one each for Tamil and Telugu films.

At Number 1

Katrina Kaif (16 July 1984)

She is the most beautiful lady in bollywood.


24+ Color photos of Japan in 1866

Photographer Adolfo Farsari (1841-1898) was an Austrian, who later emigrated to the U.S., after the divorce he moved to Yokohama, Japan. This group of Japanese black and white photographs were taken by him in 1866, which were carried out manually fill color. The time when Japan was on the eve of the Meiji Restoration.I think these photos beautiful.So here I share with you,I hope you like it.

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was an African-American who overcame slavery to save others from a similar fate. Born in 1822 in Maryland, Tubman was born into slavery and was frequently beaten by her master before escaping in 1849 to Philadelphia. However, she quickly returned to Maryland and other slave states to help others (including her family) escape through the Underground Railroad. Overall, she led 13 missions and rescued 70 slaves. Aside from her escape missions, Harriet also worked as a spy for the Union during the American Civil War.

Norman Borlaug

An oft-overlooked figure, Norman Borlaug was responsible for an agricultural revolution that saved billions of people from starvation. Born in 1914 in Iowa, Borlaug was an agronomist who developed a variety of high-yield, disease-resistant wheat. Throughout the 20th century, Borlaug introduced this method of wheat production to Mexico, Pakistan and India, doubling food production and decreasing the rates of starvation in these countries. This came to be known as the Green Revolution, which Borlaug continued to promote to Asia and Africa later in life.

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Washington Mall Photograph

Martin Luther King was the African-American clergyman and activist who spearheaded the Civil Rights Movement. Like Mandela and Gandhi, King advocated non-violent methods to advance civil rights in the US and around the world. His work focused on abolishing racial segregation in America, and he led the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955 and the 1963 March on Washington, which culminated in the iconic “I Have A Dream” speech. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, and although he was assassinated in 1968, his legacy of tireless campaigning for human rights lives on to this day.

Mother Teresa

Born in 1910, Mother Teresa spent 45 years in the service of others. A Roman Catholic nun, Mother Teresa became involved in humanitarianism after reading stories about missionaries in Bengal. At the age of 18, she left her home to join the Sisters of Loreto as a missionary.

Mother Teresa Picture

Mother Teresa’s humanitarian work is extensive and legendary as she founded and worked for the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India. Today, the Missionaries of Charity numbers 600, reaches over 133 countries, and cares for refugees, sick and orphaned children, the aged, AIDS victims and the mentally ill, among others.

Nelson Mandela

Incarcerated for 27 years for his efforts to abolish racial segregation in South Africa, Nelson Mandela is widely regarded for his human rights work. Mandela spent the best part of his youth working with the African National Congress, which advocated a non-violent approach to changing the apartheid laws in the country.

Nelson Mandela

However, in 1956, he was charged with treason for his efforts, and after hiding for some time, was put in prison in 1962. Though he was meant to serve a life sentence for an array of unjust charges, Mandela was released in February 1990 and soon became President in 1994. His efforts and incarceration shed light on the racist behavior in South Africa and served as inspiration for human rights advocates across the globe.

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi in India Picture

Not many would be unfamiliar with the Indian political and ideological leader, Gandhi. Dubbed the “Father of the Nation”, Gandhi was responsible for leading and inspiring India to independence from the British. From 1915 to 1945, he worked tirelessly, advocating for peaceful demonstrations as India strived for independence. His efforts and philosophy influenced civil rights and freedom movements around the world.

Oskar Schindler

Oskar Schindler Picture

Those familiar with Steven Spielberg’s epic Schindler’s List will be familiar with the Oskar Schindler story. Born in 1908, the German industrialist saved over 1000 Jews during the Holocaust. In 1939, Schindler gained ownership over a large factory and it was at this factory that he employed thousands of Jews, thereby saving their lives. Schindler used his power and the factory’s importance to shield his workers from the numerous Gestapo raids and threats of deportation.