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5 habits that harm

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5 habits that harm
Everyday habits you never thought would be bad for your health

We already know that tucking into junk/ roadside food, smoking, biting your nails and sleeping late are bad and avoidable habits. But did you know that some of your innocent habits could be causing you harm? Here are some daily habits that are bad for your health...

Small white lies or lying through your teeth — we all do it sometimes. However, here's what you should know. Studies say that all those little lies are actually bad for your mental health. Researchers say that when you lie, you generate feelings of stress, which are bad for you. When you lie less, you suffer from less headaches, sore throats and even anxiety.

Missing out on lunch breaks
No matter how busy you are, skipping your lunch break and opting to eat on your desk is a big no-no. Not only is missing out on breaks bad for your stress levels, eating in a hurry when you're distracted results in overeating. Being physically inactive also increases the chances of being exposed to harmful bacteria. Studies say that the place where you sit at work contains nearly 400 times more germs than the average toilet seat. Still feel like eating there now?

Diligently doing housework
Yes, you read that right. Sometimes when you feel like taking a break and skipping housework, and feel guilty about it, here's something that will cheer you up. Research suggests that procrastinating the housework for a day can actually give your health a boost. When you do housework after a long day at work, it prevents levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, from lowering and reduces recovery from stress. Take turns to do the housework so that you don't burn yourself out and make sure you take some time out to relax afterwards.

Using ATMs regularly
Surprised? Ever wondered how many people use ATMs? While withdrawing money from ATM machines is a common habit, tests have revealed that these machines are almost as dirty as public toilets. Experts said the key pads on ATM machines have the same type of bacteria that are found in public rest rooms. Ensure that you use a hand sanitiser or wash your hands after using them.

Ditching friends
While it's okay to cancel plans with friends, once in a while due to unavoidable circumstances or because you want some alone time, doing it frequently is bad news. While personal time is good for your mental and physical health, spending too much time on your own is actually bad for you. Experts say that having strong social bonds promotes brain health, reduces feelings of depression, lowes stress levels and also encourages you to look after your health.

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