Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Orgasm a day 'can keep the doctor away'

Orgasm a day 'can keep the doctor away'


ANI : London, Wed Feb 13 2013, 10:02 hrs

Health experts have revealed that the secret to long life lies in having an orgasm every day.
Those aspiring to get fit can ditch the gym and get in the sack for a steamy romp, according to a new guide.
The manual offers "turn-on" tips for the bedroom involving sex toys, quickies and even "pirate fantasies", the Sun reported.
The Let's Talk About Sex — Shades of Pleasure campaign by NHS Dumfries and Galloway even claims that having regular sexual intercourse can cut stress levels and even fight heart disease and cancer.
It adds: "An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away as it lowers blood pressure, provides exercise, releases tension and reduces pain."

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