Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Single test to detect cancer tumours

Now in India: Single test to detect cancer tumours

Himanshi Dhawan, TNN | Oct 2, 2013, 06.29 AM IST

NEW DELHI: In a significant breakthrough, India now has a single test that can diagnose cancer using multi-gene mutational analysis which will not just advance the time taken for diagnosis of the disease but also ensure delivery of high quality targeted treatment.

The test — already part of the UK's National Health System — has been made available in India at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre and Star Health Network in collaboration with the Yale School of Medicine and Thomas Jefferson University, USA. RGCI is the first cancer hospital in India to offer this technology for cancer detection.

Experts say that "tumour profiling'' (TP) will help search the genetic alteration which is driving the growth of tumour. TP tests are currently available for lung, breast, biliary tract (pancreas, bile duct, gallbladder) ovarian, thyroid, colorectal & urinary tract cancers and acute leukemia & melanoma.

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