Friday, July 22, 2011

Movies: Sexy Italian Movies

10 Sexy Italian Movies

These 10 sexy Italian movies prove that the French aren’t the only Europeans who know how to film erotica. For a little foreign temptation, check out any of these films. The women are seductive, the men dashing, the landscape stunning and the plot enticing.
  1. “Manuale d’amore” This 2005 film is divided into four shorts, each depicting a different season of love. With subtly and grace, director Giovanni Veronesi guides the viewer through four separate yet cleverly connected love stories. Missing the drama and action of cheaper movies, “Manuale D’Amore” is a gentle, beautiful, erotic tour of the many ways love develops, thrives and survives.
  2. “Ossessione” While modern movies can do sexy, you’ve got to check out the oldies to find true seductiveness. In this Italian gem, a young, wandering man named Gino happens upon an inn run by the sexually unsatisfied Giovanna. She married for money and well, you know the story: Her older husband can’t give her what Gino can.
  3. “Passione d’amore” Produced in 1981 and set in the 1860s, this film follows a young solider who is stationed far away from his girlfriend. Giorgio, the soldier, becomes friends with both his commanding colonel and the local doctor. He also meets a young woman who is an unlikely romantic interest. Her passion for Giorgio outweighs her flaws, though, and we get to watch.
  4. “City of Women” The coupling of the gorgeous Sophia Loren and the handsome Marcello Mastroianni is enough to make any movie erotic. Mastroianni is consumed with sexual fantasies about strong women only he can tame. Not exactly a moral or happy film, there is plenty of bare Italian flesh and seductive European rendezvous to make it a favorite.
  5. “Last Tango in Paris” This 1972 film is a multilingual masterpiece by Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci. Marlon Brando plays an older man who begins sleeping with a young French woman. The sex scenes are explicit and creative with just enough plot to carry the movie along.
  6. “Hell Penitentiary” This is a sexy thriller made in 1984. When her sister is murdered, main character Julia goes undercover to figure out what happened. When the police warden takes a kinky interest in Julia, the plot becomes even steamier.
  7. “Swept Away” This sexy 1974 film shows the relationship between a rich Italian woman and her yacht hand when they are marooned on a lonely island. It’s not all turfing and surfing, though. Their relationship blossoms into something real that, once rescued, they find hard to maintain back in the real world.
  8. “The Libertine” The 1960s produced a notable amount of European sexy comedies and this 1969 film is considered a classic of the genre. When young Mimi discovers that her late husband kept a secret apartment to fulfill his kinks, she decides to follow his footsteps.
  9. “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” This fun, sexy 1963 film documents the tales of three women, each very different from the other and the men they encounter. Follow Adelina as she tries to escape imprisonment by having children, rich Anna as she pursues the artsy type and Mara as she flirts with a priest to be.
  10. “Stealing Beauty” Tour the beautiful Italian countryside with sexy American teenager Lucy. She arrives in an Tuscan artist colony to uncover her mother’s past but finds love and sexuality as well.

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