Saturday, January 21, 2012

Occupy Your Life

21 Jan,2012
Freedom, it is almost never given
It must almost always be taken.

We all feel a tide rising, we see the oppressed rise.
We see the Arab spring and Occupy; a mood, changing.
We see the poor push back.
We see the ultimate culmination of continued pressure from the rich on the poor.
We expect protest. We expect violence. We expect a war.

But protest, violence and war will only fuel THEIR system.

THEIR war machine will trample all.
THEIR police will arrest.
THEIR justice system will process.
THEIR prisons will fill.
THEIR pockets will swell from the taxes you pay to the firms that run THEIR system.

There is another way, it still has a price but a different price.
A cost of sweat and privation but, if we do it right, not one drop of blood need be spilt, not one head cracked and we will have civilisation our way.

For more than a decade now, certainly in the UK but I suspect it's across the world, I've been hearing "consumer led recovery", "consumer driven economy" and other such statements on TV reports and documentaries as comments on how we will get out of this or that financial mess...
but if you break "consumer led" down, what does that mean?
"The ordinary punter on minimum wage who works very hard for a puny living will be sold a load of old tat he or she didn't need in the first place. The government make a load of tax from it and corporations will sell a lot of tat but the real bonus for us, as a government is that punter will have to work harder to pay for the extravagance and so productivity will rise and that'll lead us out of..."
... etc.

THEIR system runs on OUR consumption
If we stop consuming, THEIR power is withdrawn.
THEY want a war on THEIR terms where THEIR machine for controlling the people can make them some money.

Why duel with the corps on THEIR battleground, using THEIR weapons?

We should fight on our turf, terms and time.
We should be the be the enemy they weren't expecting.

Everything is already in place for this to work.
And all it take is for those who wish to participate in bringing a change to our civilisation to act as though we are in a true war.
It's the ONLY bloodless way to break the corporate and banking stranglehold. And I'm not talking about taking up weapons and bashing, I'm talking about choosing to impose on ones oneself the rationing that would be imposed, but accepted as necessary, by the constraints of a real war. In WWII Britain there was great hardship because all the humanpower and cash was going to support the war effort. It's why it was called the war effort
People managed; they 'made do' to support the fighters.
This notion is no more; 'make do to support the fight against greed'.

Work for you, only spend what you MUST.
Don't buy fast or microwave food, y'know, the time-saving ready meals - peel you own veg!
Wherever you can, grow your own food and, if you can, go veggy. - Even a window box can grow something and don't see it as pitiful, even if you only grow enough veg in a year to make 1 meal, that's 1 meal's worth of profit you've removed from the machine and, if a million simply grow a plate of veg that's a million plates of profit lost. 

It's not the final straw that breaks the camels back it's the great weight of the rest of the straw

Don't buy anything new until the old one breaks.
Don't follow fashion. - Saving humanity is a great excuse to give up keeping up with THEIR definition of your 'look'.
Have one pair of shoes per season; every pair of shoes you leave in the shop, the more we win.
Ladies, and some gents, don't dye your hair, paint nails, wear make-up.
Gents, and some ladies, don't go to watch the corporation owned football clubs, take YOUR money to local club.
Use your church/town hall for special occasions; don't use restaurants, do it yourselves.
Limit vehicle journeys. - If you can buy a more fuel efficient vehicle.
Read more; use your library, it's free entertainment.
Make do and mend; repair everything.
Do not watch THEIR TV shows; they're designed to make you want THEIR stuff.
Use the Internet more.

Waste nothing.
Go solar/wind/renewable as much as you can. - If you can manage it go off grid entirely. If that sounds to much trouble buy a solar battery charger and recharge for free. 
Demand vocational education in schools; education OUR way not THEIRS, WE pay for it we should have a say in it. - Do you want your kids taught stuff they've no wish/need to know? If the kids are taught stuff they are naturally suited to learning, they're going to be happier. If they all wanna be rock stars let 'em, give it two weeks and 1 or two in each school will be, clearly to all, way better than all others who will lose interest and want to be something else. We are humans, we all want to feel we are useful, have a purpose, but we all also want to be recognised, not necessarily as 'the best' but at least as 'a worthy member'. 

The fewer of THEIR products you buy the less power THEY have over you.
And the less power THEY have over you, the less THEY have over me too.
The more dependant on THEIR consumerist teat we are the longer we must work in THEIR mills.

If you look at in simple terms;
If we really want to bring an end to the riches generated by the consumerist society, we must stop consuming so avariciously.

If we want to end their greed we must surely curtail our own.
Every penny you don't spend is one penny less in THEIR fat wallet.
Every effort you make takes a penny of THEIR power.

We can make the change, it's going to be hard, we'll ALL have to break a sweat, even if it is only metaphysical perspiration caused by lack of that special item you wanted to buy, but all we really have to do is...
Occupy Our Lives 


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