Thursday, January 5, 2012

 Like You Better On Facebook' By Livia Scott An Anthem For Our 'ITime (VIDEO)

First Posted: 1/5/12 12:50 PM ET Updated: 1/5/12 12:50 PM ET
By now, we've all had the misfortune of meeting someone who seemed really cool on one of our social media sites, but was a raging tool in person.
The sad thing is once you've gone IRL, you can't really go back. All those pithy one liners and obscure links seem decidedly less charming once you've seen the poster crafting them in person on his or her Blackberry. Some mysteries just shouldn't be solved.
Fortunately, comedian Livia Scott has put this first-world problem to music, with a beautifully auto-tuned anthem called, "I Like You Better On Facebook." The video is sort of the "Single Ladies" for everyone who isn't Beyonce.
We guarantee you'll be humming this later as you delete a few friends.

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