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Environment: Recycling.

10 Things You Should Recycle 

But Don’t and Why

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More and more people are going green, and working together to save the planet.  Cities and communities have made recycling easier by having stations in convenient areas for those of us who want to recycle.
While I learned that many people do recycle, and have very few items they do not recycle, I did learn from some who had suggestions that had escaped me and hopefully will give you information you didn’t have before.
Coming from an era in my early childhood that found something useful to do with most anything; here are some things maybe I ought to have thought about.  However I’ll confess my recycling is very simple.
I have a niece who took worn jeans, sweat pants and other fabrics and made her daughter a quilt.  I love the idea, even if I don’t feel as original as she, I’m proud to say we share the same blood line.
Have you thought of cereal boxes, and other card board?
Something else I was reminded of is motor oil.  It is probably something that is recycled at Wal-Mart supercenters that have an automotive department.  However our own lawnmowers or even changing the oil in our own automobiles is an idea we should consider.  It may take some research to learn who accepts the recycled oil.
My father was known for his joy of fishing.  I remember him changing his finishing line occasionally; however I’m sure he did not know of recycling the old fishing line.
There is a market for copper, and aluminum.  It isn’t something we would normally have around the house, but a thought in case on a rare occasion you may come across some.
Light bulbs or propane bottles may fall into another category but they can be recycled.
Another thing I’d have never thought of would be prescription bottles.  This could turn into a great debate, however it was suggested to me as a possibility I’d like to pass on.  With plastic filling our sanitation dump sights, it might make sense to be able to return your bottle to the pharmacy to have it refilled with the same medication that was in it first.
Have you ever wished there was someone who could use all those eye glasses you’ve been saving, not wanting to throw them away, yet knowing NO ONE who would even want them?  Well I do have a suggestion.  Missionaries visiting third world countries take eyes glasses all the time.  In visiting Central America in the 80’s I was able to take several pairs.  I was pleasantly surprised as I was told by the ministry there is always someone who can wear your old prescription glasses. Also, many Eye doctors have a way to dispense them to needy people in the US or foreign countries.
I am told there are people who take our old cell phones off our hands and recycle them.  I need to learn more about this, as I have upgraded a few times over the years and have some I need to pass on to their next appointment.
Have you ever turned old bath towels into dish rags?  Just cut them into dish wash clothes size, hem them if you want.  Take the bigger pieces of the same towel and make drying cloths.  They also make for wonderful clothes to wash the car, or for wiping up the floor when there is an accidental spill.
One thing above the list, but is very important is composting.  Using our table scraps, old newspapers, grass clippings, anything that is biodegradable, can become fertilizer to our next year’s vegetable garden.
This has been an enjoyable task, writing about things we could recycle but as a rule we do not. I realize that some of these things are already being recycled by some of you, but don’t worry, there is someone out there who haven’t thought of it before now.

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