Friday, December 9, 2011

Mullaperiyar : Prevent a National Disaster.

Mullaperiyar Dam:

By Jimiless
Dec.9, 2011.

Tamilnadu people are arguing that Mullaperiyar Dam is quite strong now and there is no necessity for constructing a new one. After all, the lease is for 999 years which can be renewed for another 999 years, if need be. Of course their need for water will never cease and on expiry of the 999 year period, they will invoke the renewal clause. Though the creator of the Dam had forecast the lifespan of the surki-lime dam as 50 years, it is already 116 years old, and still going strong according to Tamilnadu. The Almighty is Great and has shown great kindness to the people in "God's own country" and protected them so far from a great natural disaster. But it will be infinite folly to believe that for the sake of providing water to Tamilnadu in His infinite kindness, he will keep the dam intact throughout eternity. As the existing dam cannot last forever, a new one has to be built at some point of time. When is that good time? There is no mention about it in the terribly biassed lease agreement. In the ordinary course the new dam should have been built before the expiry of the projected life span of 50 yrs. It was not done.

The dam is getting weaker day by day. It is located in a seismic area. The dam has developed several cracks and holes, and water leaks. The area gets heavy rainfall and landslides do occur. On account of the climatic changes the possibility of heavy rainstorms and mudslides has greatly increased. Recently the area has experienced several tremors. Scientific study has warned that an earthquake of moderate intensity can cause collapse of the dam. Though arithmetically Idikki, Kulamavu and Cheruthoni dams downstream may contain the water in the Mullaperiyar dam, if the dam bursts during heavy rains and the worst happens, nobody can predict the impact of the natural fury. If the rushing waters and debris cause the Idikki dam to collapse, think of the resulting Catastrophe.

Everything has a life span. Mullaperiyar dam too has its. Cosmetic maintenance work may extend it for a short period. The white people have their share of stupdity. I have  read about a rapist in the US who was sentenced to 140 yrs imprisonment, and of another criminal in Spain who was sentenced to 350 years in jail. The criminals were "quite strong and healthy" (like our Mullaperiyar dam) at the time of the sentences. Does that mean that those criminals would live more than 140/350 years?

Isn't it already too late to build a new dam? Why, why should Tamilnadu oppose the building of a new dam? Is there any logic in their stand ? 

So shall the people living in the Periyar valley and around go about their usual business resting fully assured on the assertions of Tamilnadu or clamour for safety?  

Please don't put the blame on the politicians of Kerala. It is we, the affected people who are agitated.

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