Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Safer method for eye surgery

Agarwal’s hospital develops safer method for eye surgery=
TNN | Dec 7, 2011, 03.02AM IST
CHENNAI: The Chennai-based Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital has developed a technique to prevent infections and complications during cataract surgeries. Using a new method, intraocular lens scaffold procedure, surgeons have been able to prevent injuries caused by parts of the cataract-clouded lens falling into posterior side of the eyeball.

In conventional surgeries, the cataract is first removed and the intraocular lens set in place. Sometimes, the lens tears and parts of it drop into the eye and the retina causing infections that could lead to blindness. The IOL scaffold involves lifting the cataract flap and slipping in intraocular lens on the iris. The iris serves as a scaffold to prevent torn cataract pieces from slipping down.

The procedure has been performed on 14 patients at Dr Agarwal's Hospital. Professor Amar Agarwal, chairman and managing director of the hospitals, said the surgery was no more expensive than a regular cataract surgery.

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