Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pakistan News:

Man kills parents, six siblings in Gujranwala correspondent
Monday, October 24, 2011
=================================================GUJRANWALA: A young man shot dead his parents and six siblings in Madina Colony of Kallar Abadi in Gujranwala district late Saturday night.
The accused first administered some intoxicant to his family members and then shot them all in the head. The deceased included three minor children as well.

To give the incident a colour of an armed robbery, the accused also injured himself. Later, however, he gave in during police interrogation and confessed to the heinous crime. Police have recovered the weapon of offence.

The accused, identified as Afzal, 21, shot dead his father Asghar Ali, mother Sajida Bibi, four brothers, Muzammal, Iqbal, Sajid and Abid, and two sisters, Anam and Sanam, at about 2am while they were all sleeping. Before shooting them, he tied them with ropes. Three of the minors shot dead were less than five years old. After the murders, the accused raised an alarm that dacoits had entered the house and killed all his members of his family and injured him.

Later, police reached the crime scene and interrogated Afzal. When he gave contradictory statements, the police arrested him. He confessed to killing his family members during interrogation.

He told police his father was a gambler and used to quarrel with his mother. He also said he had suspicions about his mother’s ‘character.’ He admitted he had shot at his father a few months ago but he escaped. He said he killed his siblings to save them from misery


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