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5 Feng Shui Fixes for the Home

5 Feng Shui Fixes for the Home

Do you dream of earning more money? You can polish up your resume, make your case in a presentation at your annual review, launch a new business initiative, or select a promising investment. But according to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui—which is the study of how your physical environment affects all areas of your life—a few simple adjustments to your home layout may do more than just make it more pleasant.

“Feng shui is all about promoting the best flow of energy in your home,” said Laura Benko, New York City feng shui and holistic design expert. “When you remove certain objects that block that flow, all forms of opportunity and vitality can circulate—including health, relationships, and yes, even money.” Benko offered the following tips for boosting that energy flow:

1. Create a warm welcome.
Clean up the main entry to your home—make sure it’s attractive from the street, and that the space you walk into is tidy and welcoming. Take special care that the front door can open easily—no squeaky hinges or bulging coat racks behind it. “You want to entice new opportunities to flow in,” said Cincinnati-based feng shui consultant Tandy Pryor. “And a creaky, cruddy-looking door that doesn’t open all the way is not enticing.”

2. Spruce up your stove.
In Feng Shui, the stove is way more than just a place to cook, it’s a symbol of your ability to create sustenance for yourself, and that includes money. Keeping it clean, functioning, and in good use symbolizes that you are firing on all cylinders when it comes to money-making potential, Benko said. If you find you use the same burner over and over again, make it a point to rotate through them all—as you do, you’ll fire up different aspects of your life. (The back left burner represents wealth.)
Feng shui is all about promoting the best flow of energy in your home

3. Bring nature in.
Throw out any old or withering plants, and replace them with lush, green, growing-like-crazy plants. You want your money to grow, don’t you? So don’t keep symbols of vitality dying on the vine around you. For even more “oomph,” put them in purple pots, or choose a plant with purple leaves and put it in a green pot (green and purple represent wealth).

4. Free yourself of clutter.
You’ve heard this from all kinds of other sources, but your clutter has got to go. “New opportunities need space to take root—if your living space is full to the gills, you don’t have anywhere for things to grow,” Pryor said. If you don’t use it or like it, move it along.

5. Enhance your “wealth corner”.
According to feng shui, the back left corner of your home (based on the placement of your front door) represents wealth. Put something that symbolizes richness to you in this spot. Having your nicest piece of pottery, or a photo of your dream home, or a picture of an exotic locale you want to travel to there will help you attract abundant opportunities, according to feng shui.
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