Monday, December 17, 2012

Anti-Ageing Gene Might Suppress Tumours

Research Indicated That Anti-Ageing Gene Might Suppress Tumours

Published on: 13-DEC-2012

Researchers of the University of Michigan Health System and Harvard Medical School in the second week of December 2012 showed that anti-ageing genes might be helpful in curtailing the multiplication of cancer. It was shown that the loss of anti-ageing gene can promote the occurrence of tumours in the human beings.

The researchers had shown that the decrease in SIRT6 protein in rats increased the size, aggressiveness as well as number of tumours apart from promotion of tumour growth in the human colon as well as pancreatic cancers.

The researchers however admitted that it was difficult to know about the range of genes which can suppress the development of tumours. In the meanwhile, the research suggested that the SIRT6 might play an important role in stopping cancer as well as controlling the cellular metabolism. Researchers decided to work further in this regard in order to understand how the protein could be helpful in suppressing the development of tumours.

In the new research the role of SIRT6 in diminishing the growth of cancer by repressing aerobic glycolysis was highlighted. Aerobic glycolysis is said to be the primary feature of the cancer cells which involve conversion of the glucose to lactate. SIRT6 is also responsible for inhibiting the activity of major cancer gene called Myc.

The research basically indicates the conservation of the biological mechanisms that occur between humans and the lower organisms

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