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Exercise for diabetics

Benefits of exercise for diabetics

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Benefits of exercise for diabetics (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)
Diabetes can be a bitter experience and most doctors recommend you exercise on a regular basis to help you lead a healthy and normal life. 

Exercise also helps in more ways than one, especially when most Indian children are piling on the pounds at an incredible pace. Obesity is also one of the perpetrators of diabetes. Today we take a look at why diabetes and exercise go hand in hand and how it will help you reduce your sugar levels.

Why do diabetics need to exercise?
There are several reasons why diabetics need to exercise, firstly to reduce blood sugar level, then to maintain a healthy body weight. Regular exercise reduces your chances of heart diseases. But most importantly, exercise is highly recommended for Type 2 diabetics as it helps with better weight management.

Exercise can improve insulin efficiency, lower blood pressure, and control sugar levels, bad cholesterol - all while building muscle strength and tone.

What exercises are good for diabetics?
Our fitness expert, Arnav Sarkar believes that exercise will help to curb diseases related to unhealthy lifestyles, "While type 1 diabetes is caused due to bad genetics, type 2 diabetes is often caused due to an unhealthy lifestyle. And one of the hallmark traits is very little to no exercise. So make exercise your priority if you wish to combat this deadly disease."

He suggests following workout regimes like weight training, sprinting, and kickboxing. Besides strength training he also suggests interval cardio training.

Hypoglycemia - low sugar level - while exercising
Follow an exercise regime after consulting your doctor. If he gives you the green signal to exercise, you can go ahead with it. But if, while exercising, you feel weak, experience an increased heart rate and sweat more than usual, then it is suggested to stop exercising immediately. Also drink sufficient water before exercising.

There are five ways to prevent diabetes from ruining your normal life: Regular exercise, better stress management, healthy weight maintenance, and annual testing and check ups. And exercise seems to be the number one way to avoid diabetes as well as reduce it.

Exercise tips for diabetics:
- If you experience pain while exercising, stop immediately. You don't want to damage any tissues and joints causing more grief to your body.
- Remember to note down your blood sugar level before and after you exercise.
- In case the blood sugar level falls to a dangerously low level, make sure you have a snack close at hand.
- Wear comfortable shoes.

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